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SAIFE: Giving you the ability to add unbreakable security to your hack.

This post will help you to find important links and information, and you can ask us questions anytime before, after, and during TechCrunch Disrupt SF Hackathon!

Get started now at http://saifeinc.com/developers/ with our fast registration,quick-start guide, sample code, and documentation. SAIFE is also on GitHub at https://github.com/saifeinc.

What is SAIFE’s platform?
SAIFE has a patented, validated, software-only security platform that provides trusted routing for any endpoint, across any network, regardless of infrastructure. SAIFE uses its cloud-based network to create secure tunnels through the Internet in which the privacy and integrity of all traffic is assured.

What is our SDK?
SAIFE’s SDK allows developers to utilize next generation security and privacy platform and to avoid the vulnerabilities of untrusted networks and threats to their users’ identity and data. SAIFE blasts encrypted data through secure store-and-forward services or real-time data streams, or it can keep data encrypted and securely stored locally.
SAIFE also offers rapid provisioning of new devices, instant revocation of lost or stolen devices, patented zero-knowledge password reset with no loss of data, and the ability to manage your population via web interface or API.

Where do I find SAIFE at Disrupt? How do I contact you?
Visit our booth during the Hackathon learn more and chat with us. We will have teammates onsite to support your hacks into the morning!

Reach us at developers@saifeinc.com, @saife, or learn more on the TechCrunch Devpost website: http://disruptsf2015.devpost.com/details/apis.


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