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Build "The Future of Fashion" - Looking for teammates

#WeDressCode @TCDisrupt Hackathon SF this weekend!!! Develop the "whooaaaaaa" of online fashion shopping with us using the Zalando Fashion Feed API - https://api-doc.dz.zalan.do/. We will support you personally on all your ideas and questions all night long.

Get some pre-brainstorming inspirations here:
* The "Future of Fashion" as imagined on product hunt: http://www.producthunt.com/@producthunt/collections/the-future-of-fashion
* Great products from the fashion eco system: http://www.producthunt.com/e/fashion-hunt

Contact us on devpost or twitter, we are in town and ready for meeting up with you! We are looking forward to your message and a great hack on Saturday! Let's have some fun.

Support: {
Anton Zarutski: {
Position: "Tech guy",
Contacts: {
Twitter: "https://twitter.com/AntonZarutsky",
GitHub: "https://github.com/AntonZarutsky",
DevPost: "https://devpost.com/_antonz"
Ingmar Knudsen: {
Position: "Product guy",
Contacts: {
Twitter: "https://twitter.com/_Ingmar_",
DevPost: "https://devpost.com/Ingmar"

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    Hi all,

    We will provide yours with the API for the biggest online fasion shop in Europe.
    Here you can find full everything, starting from catalogs and products to customer's personalized feed stream.

    We are interested in your ideas and also will share ours with you.
    Write to us anytime. We are keen on helping you to make something awesome.

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