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Abbvie- Challenge #1 Wearable To Monitor People Suffering From Neurological Diseases

We are very excited to be partnering with TechCrunch to be the first biopharmaceutical company to bring a healthcare hackathon to Disrupt. This is an opportunity for individuals and teams to make a remarkable impact in healthcare and changing patient’s lives for the better.

To be eligible, you must create a health technology innovation by building a prototype or proof of concept of a wearable to monitor people suffering from neurological diseases before the conclusion of the Hackathon on Sunday.


Neurological diseases like Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, and Alzheimer’s Disease can fundamentally change the quality of life for those suffering from these afflictions. They are often expressed in symptoms like tremors, muscle stiffness, confusion or repetitive actions due to forgetfulness, etc. Innovative wearables including (but not limited to!) those that can monitor patients, tracking changes for the better or worse in the condition, keeping caregivers informed of the patient’s health, etc. are all fare game. Your goal should be to create something that will dramatically improve the lives of those suffering from these diseases, and we leave it to you to create a wearable that reaches that objective.


National Parkinson’s Foundation www.parkinson.org
National Multiple Sclerosis Society www.nationalmssociety.org
Alzheimer’s Association www.alz.org
Cerebral Palsy www.cerebralpalsy.org

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