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Abbvie Challenge #3 Platform the integrated multiple sources of data to rapidly identify emerging research or novel treatments


Research and development is incredibly challenging, time-consuming, and costly in the development of new medicines. Although there have been advances in technology in many other industries and even within healthcare, this continues to be an area that can be very manual, fragmented, and despite the best of intentions. Scientists often have to rely on reading publications, attending conferences, and participating in lab experiments over a series of years to draw enough conclusions proof points to know which pathways will work in treating specific diseases, and then marrying that information to known chemical compounds or biologics (live medicine i.e. antibodies). What the entire pharmaceutical industry needs is a solution that can bring together all of those disparate sources of information and inform scientists where they can make the best use of their time.

Similar to sophistication in consumer behavior analysis and big data can lead companies to hyper-targeted messages and content that are relevant to their customers, your goal is to create a solution that can analyze multiple sources of data and deliver hyper-targeted recommendations on treatment pathways and compounds/biologics.

A treatment pathway is a means of stopping a disease – i.e. if someone gets sick and has a bacterial infection, the antibiotic’s treatment pathway might be blocking a certain protein the bacteria needs to live and replicate.


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