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Abbvie Challenge #2 A Gamified Patient Experience To Empower People Living With Chronic Disease

We are very excited to be partnering with TechCrunch to be the first biopharmaceutical company to bring a healthcare hackathon to Disrupt. This is an opportunity for individuals and teams to make a remarkable impact in healthcare and changing patient’s lives for the better.

To be eligible, you must create a health technology innovation by building a prototype or proof of concept of a wearable to monitor people suffering from neurological diseases before the conclusion of the Hackathon on Sunday.


Chronic diseases like Cancer, HIV, or Rheumatoid Arthritis can be incredibly difficult for patients to manage. These conditions and their treatments can come with challenging physical or psychological effects, dosing schedules, costs, paperwork, and a steep learning curve. A solution that keeps patients engaged so they either get better or feel better is what you can bring to this major challenge in healthcare. Your goal should be to create something that gamifies the chronic disease experience for patients in a way that keeps them involved, empowered, and on track.

A good non-chronic example of why this is important: a doctor will prescribe a 10-day antibiotic, but when people start feeling better on day 3 they stop taking their medicine – the result is people not getting better (or being worse off since they now have a drug-resistance infection).


American Cancer Society www.cancer.org
AIDS.gov www.aids.gov
Arthritis Foundation www.arthritis.org/about-arthritis/types/rheumatoid-arthritis/
American Diabetes Association www.diabetes.org/

AbbVie Team On-Site

Francisco Rausa francisco.rausa@abbvie.com
Ali Siam ali.siam@abbvie.com
TJ Tang tze-john.tang@abbvie.com

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    Hackers, if you can base your prototype/proof-of-concept for this challenge on DragonBoard 410c hack kit from Qualcomm, you will become eligible for two challenges. Double your chance to win the hack while taking a step towards saving lives.

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