•   about 6 years ago

Qualcomm 410c and Lilliput monitor - Overscan under Android

You can also adjust the display size for TVs that overscan the display. Some TVs have a setting to turn off overscan, but for those that don't you can do this:

adb shell wm overscan 50,40,50,40 # will adjust for overscan by N pixels at left, top, right, bottom

Please note the overscan settings are for the apps that go through the android WindowManager. While most of the apps go use the WindowManager, there are some apps that use the screen directly, like XBMC. These apps may have their own overscan settings. On XBMC the overscan calibration is at - Settings -> System -> Video Output -> Video Calibration, you need to click a corner using a mouse to select the overscan calibration and use the keyboard up/down/left/right screen to resize the display overscan.


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